Big Changes at the ORPC

The new fiscal year brings with it great new things for our agency.  The budget for 2019-2020 included a lot of new support for our contractors.  As a result, we have three new full-time team members.  We have hired Shawna Mackey Geiger as our Director of Engagement. Shawna’s role will include recruiting, retaining and evaluating our contractors, as well as providing support for the training division.  Our new Administrative Specialist is Jena Fleiner.  We are excited to welcome Jena to the team July 8, 2019.  She will be providing administrative support to Melissa and the rest of the ORPC staff.  We also have been provided funds to hire a Program Analyst.  That position is currently open for applications.  We look forward to having someone on the team to help us gather and analyze data regarding RPC practice, child welfare research, and information that will help ORPC better support all our contractors doing this important work.  Finally, we are looking forward to having Melanie Jordan join us August 1, 2019 as our Case Strategy Director.  Melanie will bring her vast experience in child welfare to ORPC with an eye toward excellence in both trial and appellate RPC work.  All our new folks are really looking forward to meeting many of our contractors in Steamboat at our Annual Fall Conference.  See you there!