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A Cop at My Bedside (Filter)

Adoption Subsidies Are Unchecked for Fraud (ABA)

The Adoption System’s Lost Children (The Daily Beast)

The Crime of Parenting While Poor (New Republic)

Family Separation Doesn’t Just Happen at the Border (Washington Post)

How Child Protective Services Can Trap the Parents They’re Supposed to Help (Talk Poverty)

How to Work with Parents Who Lost Their Children to Foster Care (Chronicle for Social Change)

Children’s Bureau Memos


Government Agencies

Administration for Children and Families

CDHS Community Performance Center

Children’s Bureau

Child Protection Ombudsman of Colorado

Colorado Office of the Child’s Representative

Indian Child Welfare Act

ICWA Annual Update of Pertinent Resources

ICWA Revised CO State Statutes – July 2019


Alpine Legal Services

Chief Justice Directive 16-02, rev. 7/1/2017

Colorado Bar Association

Colorado Legal Services

Disability Law Colorado

Guided Reference in Dependency (GRID)

Metro Volunteer Lawyers


ABA Center on Children and the Law

Be Strong Families

Birth Parent National Network

Casey Family Programs

Child Trends

Disabled Parenting Project

Families First

Family Justice Initiative

Institute to Transform Child Protection

National Family Preservation Network

National Indian Child Welfare Association

National Parents Organization

Native American Fatherhood & Families Association

Parents Helping Parents


The Chronicle of Social Change


RISE Magazine

Reports & Studies

A Cure Worse Than the Disease? The Impact of Removal on Children and Their Families

Cornerstone Advocacy in the 1st 60 Days: Achieving Safe & Lasting Reunification for Families

Effects of an Interdisciplinary Approach to Parental Representation in Child Welfare

Expecting Better: Improving Health and Rights for Pregnant Women Who Use Drugs

Finding a Forever Home After Broken Adoptions

Supportive Housing Interventions in CT Found to Decrease Foster Care Placements

Trauma Caused by Separation of Children from Parents: A Tool to Help Lawyers

Understanding the Adoption Subsidy Conundrum

Your Voices: Results from a Statewide Survey to Help Improve Child Welfare in Colorado