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ORPC Social Work Program

The mission of the ORPC Social Work Program is to empower and advocate for parents and their families by providing high quality, strengths-based, compassionate, and comprehensive social work services to parents navigating Dependency and Neglect cases in Colorado.

The ORPC contracts with independent social workers who have an MSW and family advocates who are professionals with commensurate education and experience in the field of child welfare. Through a JBC funded Pilot Program in the 4th, 17th and 21st Judicial Districts, the ORPC reviews social work assignments to parent legal defense teams where there has been an out of home removal and the case meets EPP guidelines. Throughout the state, RPCs may request the assignment of a social worker or family advocate to their legal teams after consultation with the ORPC Social Work Program Director.

To request a Social Worker for your defense team, please contact Jill Cohen, Social Worker – Director of Programs – at or 303-731-8750.

ORPC Social Work Program – 1 Sheet Handout (download PDF)

Colorado Respondent Parent Resources Quick Guide (download MS Word document)

Effects of an interdisciplinary approach to parental representation in child welfare (visit site)