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ORPC contractors are specialized legal counsel, parent advocates with lived experience, parent-focused social workers and family advocates who support parents as they defend their right to parent. Our contractors work together to create actionable, impactful alternatives for families in crisis.

The ORPC is currently looking for family defenders across the state. Applications are open until there is no longer a need.

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The Office of Respondent Parents’ Counsel (ORPC), a Colorado state agency, is accepting applications from attorneys across Colorado to represent indigent parents in dependency and neglect proceedings. Family defense attorneys, commonly known as Respondent Parent Counsel or RPCs, contract with the ORPC to represent indigent parents in court proceedings where their parental rights are at risk. RPCs work on behalf of parents threatened by state intervention with the temporary and/or permanent loss of the custody and rights to their children. RPCs are dedicated to protecting the fundamental right to parent by advocating for parents’ due process rights, access to appropriate services, and constitutional right to parent their children.

The ORPC offers comprehensive training and litigation support, including jury trial assistance and billing help; mentoring; case law
updates; access to Westlaw Edge, social workers, investigators, and experts; a motions bank; case consults; and a listserv.

Start your own law firm and let the ORPC support your practice! The ORPC pays RPCs $100 per hour, Licensed Social Workers and Family Advocates $55 per hour, Licensed Clinical Social Workers $66 per hour, and Parent Advocates $42 per hour on an independent contractor basis.

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