The Office of the Respondent Parents’ Counsel (ORPC) supports Colorado parents in the fight to preserve families, their dignity, and the constitutional right to parent in dependency and neglect cases. We recruit and train attorneys statewide, advocate for family centered policies, and promote equity and transparency in the system through data. As a result of our work, more families are reunified and stronger together.

What We Do

Defend Families

ORPC recruits, trains, reviews, and maintains a list of high quality parent defense attorneys in each of Colorado’s 64 counties.

Dad with child on his shoulders, looking up

Advocate for Change

ORPC advocates for policies that reduce trauma to families, amplify parent voice, and strengthen the work of family defenders in Colorado.

Promote Equity in the System

ORPC analyzes and distributes data to promote transparency in individual dependency and neglect cases and within the family regulation system.


Individual Parents Represented by the ORPC


Increase in Reunification for Families with Interdisciplinary Representation


Fewer Days in Out-of-Home Care Experienced by Children When Parents Have an Interdisciplinary Legal Team

“Every child deserves to have their parent represented by the best attorney in town.”

-Marty Guggenheim

Get Involved

ORPC’s interdisciplinary model aims to build a strong community of parent defenders across Colorado.

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