promoting equity in the system
through data-driven programming

Strengthening Families with Interdisciplinary Defense Teams

Social workers are an important part of high quality, interdisciplinary legal defense teams. In 2017, ORPC undertook the Social Work Pilot Program (SWPP) to implement an interdisciplinary legal representation model for Colorado, which combines lawyers and social workers to provide legal representation to parents involved in a dependency and neglect case.

Supporting Parents with Parent Advocates

ORPC contracts with Parent Advocates with lived experience to work as part of the legal defense team and support parents as they navigate dependency and neglect cases.

Keeping Families Together through Prevention

Our preventive legal services program connects parents to attorneys and advocates with the goal of keeping families safely together and to avoid unnecessary court intervention.

Upcoming Events

The Office of the Respondent Parents’ Counsel offers the following upcoming training events to the public.

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