Family Separation Doesn’t Just Happen at the Border (Washington Post)

Poor families, too, are torn apart by policy that favors separation over aid.

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The Crime of Parenting While Poor (New Republic)

New York City’s child welfare agency has a reputation for unjustly targeting low-income families of color. Can it change?

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The Adoption System’s Lost Children (The Daily Beast)

Few cities and states keep track of the number of ‘broken adoptions’—where kids re-enter the foster system when adoption just doesn’t work out—but legal experts say they’re seeing a serious […]

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Do We Need to Abolish Child Protective Services (Mother Jones)

Inside one parent’s five-year battle with the “family destruction system.”

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Adoption Subsidies Are Unchecked for Fraud (ABA)

In 2010, the federal government paid $2,501,000,000 to states under the Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act. Hundreds of millions of dollars of that money may have been fraudulently collected […]

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